5G Demo Unit

 We are working on GPSDO!

Will be launched in 2018


What is GPSDO?

GPSDO, Global Positioning System Disciplined Oscillator, receives GPS satellite signals and outputs accurate and precise time pulse and reference frequency by controlling its own oscillator with precise time reference from GPS. It is designed to get the best of both short-term frequency stability of a free-running, low noise oscillator and long-term timing performance received from GPS.

The satellite signals can be trusted, because GPS satellites have high-performance atomic oscillator, and the accuracy is maintained from the ground stations.

Moreover, it also provide an online pulse signal without being synchronized to another source and steered to compensate for aging and frequency drift by using GPS.

KF720 49S Pallet Type Plater Up-grade (4 Heads) - System Upgrade

KH1800,1820 PI - network Cryst... - Measurement Equipment
  • New Release  Win10 (32/64 Bits) & Universal SMD Adapter Kit 

KH1800TR High Stability 10MHz Frequency Reference - Frequency Reference

New product- special price

KT338 Desk Top SMD Crystal Sorter - Final Sorting
No compressed Air Built-in KH1800 or KH1820 High accuracy Network Analyzer subsystem Ultra high speed  spurious scan &  drive level dependence (DLD) measurement Support difference ceramic SMD crystal packages ( 7050 ,6035 ,5032 ,4025, 3025, 2520) 2 sorting bins "PASS", "FAIL"